Welcome to How Can I ?

The top searches in Google…..How Can I? How can I be rich? How can I make money online? How can I build a website?

What if I told you it’s not that difficult but requires work? Would you read on or would you go elsewhere looking for a quick buck?

If your answer is go elsewhere, then I wish you luck! The quick buck does not exist, legally anyways!


For whatever reason, everyone seems to be out there looking for a quick fix, something they don’t have to work full time at that will make them rich overnight. Do you really believe that exists?

Now let me ask you something else? How long have you been searching? How much time and money have you lost trying?  A few months maybe? Hopefully not too much money!

So what if I told you that in that few months, you could have built your own website and started to be indexed and ranking in Google? Would you be further ahead than you are now?

My point is that you have to start somewhere that gets you on the right path. There are thousands of programs out there. Some will provide you with a website and all you have to do is sell. Sounds easy!

But if you really want to be your own boss, don’t you want to put in the time and effort to create your own business and design it to be what you want and how you want it to work? Isn’t the whole idea to not be riding on someone else’s coat tails?

It is possible! It is unfortunate that the scams have made the real thing harder to find but it does exist.

You see, through my own experience, I have learned not only how to do it for myself, but that helping others learn how to succeed helps everyone. As this industry becomes more appealing to people as a way to earn full time income, the more people that can find the right answers on how to do it, the less the scams will succeed.



Personally, I spent the better part of my life working for other people but I always had that urge to do it on my own. 

So I then spent many years fulfilling that urge. I owned a chip wagon and then moved on to pizza. I still do pizza and have a fairly successful shop. Has it given me financial freedom? NO. I love what I do but it’s also lots of hours and lots of headaches too.


So I went looking for what was missing. How was working for myself going to provide the financial security I was looking for? I started looking to the internet (mother of all information) for more answers, and I FOUND IT!

Is it the get rich quick scheme….ABSOLUTELY NOT!

But my goal is to share it with anyone who wants to learn! 

I will give you my word that any information you read on this site will not be misleading and will be honest and fair to the best of my ability.

Now if you’re still reading, I’d love to show you the possibilities! The answers lie within the internet itself. Billions of people per day around the world are viewing something on the internet. Getting them to view you, well that’s where the work comes in. But if you put in the time, you will reap the rewards. This can be done on any scale. You can add a little to your bank account each month, or make a full time living.  Me? I’m working on the full time living!

If I have picqued your interest, please continue to read my posts and get a further understanding. Don’t worry, there’s no fee involved in flipping the page, and I won’t ask for half your life’s earnings. Just take a tour and see if what I’ve found is of any interest to you. You can waste a few more months looking around, or you can take 10 minutes and see what works! The choice is yours!


I welcome any questions or comments you may have in the section below!

Thanks, and all the best!