3 Reasons to Stop Making Excuses

Just admit it! We’ve all done it at some point in time. We make excuses. Excuses why we can’t attend an outing, excuses why we were late, excuses why our chores aren’t done. The list is endless. So why do we make these excuses and how and why should we stop?

Why Do We Make Excuses

It’s simple really. We want to avoid dealing with the truth. Yes we are all in denial!

Think about it though. What was the last excuse you made? Did you tell Uncle Fred you couldn’t make it to his birthday party because you had to work, even though you didn’t? Why? What was the purpose behind the excuse? Chances are you just really don’t like Uncle Fred. But you don’t want to hurt his feelings or those of other family members. So you make an excuse. Or maybe your toddler wants you to play a game after dinner. But you tell her it’s too close to bed time to get into a game. Is it really? Or was that an excuse because you had a long day and really want to play but didn’t want to try to explain that to her?

There is no end to the examples but they all come back to the same thing….we don’t want to deal with the truth!

So why do we need to stop making excuses?



I think the most important reason is your own integrity. Who wants to be that person who’s known for making excuses? Do you really believe that Uncle Fred doesn’t know why you didn’t come to his birthday?

We kid ourselves into thinking that we’re making these excuses in everyone’s best interest but really, it only makes us feel better about making a decision we know isn’t quite right. Uncle Fred isn’t going to be around forever. And your toddler, well she’s going to grow up real quick. Chances are that both actions, warranted by excuses, are going to make you wish you had done something different. That’s when our excuses turn to regret.

These may be very simple examples but the fact remains that it’s your own integrity on the line. Step up and tell the truth, to yourself if no one else. In as much as we all make these excuses, the ones we make to ourselves our worse. After all, who are you kidding? Making an excuse for yourself as to why you didn’t make it to the gym this week, hurts only you! That gym still got paid for your membership so they don’t care. It hurts only you! Your own integrity and self worth are low enough that you can actually make excuses to yourself, and believe them.

Life goes nowhere if we don’t believe in ourselves. This is the number one reason to stop making excuses.



We’re all searching for it. That unattainable level of euphoria we call happiness.

Once again, it’s not hard to come up with excuses as to why we’re not happy. You hate your job, your family life is a mess, you have no money to do the things that would make you happy. The list goes on.

So how are we going to ever reach ‘happiness’? STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

The next time you find it happening, stop and think about that excuse. If you hate your job, change it! Your marriage is failing, change it! Now you may say “it’s not that simple”. Well maybe it’s not simple. But it can be done.

Happiness is not some level of accomplishment. It’s an emotion, a feeling, a way of being. It can happen at any time in your life, if you let it.


This is where it all comes together folks. Whatever your idea of success is, it won’t happen if you’re making excuses.

The only way to be successful in anything, is by setting goals and having the determination to get there. That in itself is a success, even if you never reach the goal. You took the steps to move forward. Not reaching the goal is not failing. The only way we fail is if we never try.

If being successful to you means living in a big house with a fancy car, then stop making excuses of why you can’t get there and start figuring out how you are going to get there. Maybe it means looking at your budget and how you can change things to be putting away money towards those goals.


When did it happen? In what generation did we begin to think that Happiness and Success were an entitlement? We all deserve these things but that doesn’t mean the silver platter containing them is going to be on your doorstep tomorrow morning.

It’s all a great big circle really. Get up off that couch and give it some good old effort! Setting goals and working towards will have you feeling better about yourself (self worth). Each step you reach in attaining those goals is going to make you feel happy and successful. Are you starting to see how this all comes together?

I’ll leave you with this task….

Think about something that you’ve made excuses for. Something you haven’t done or accomplished and make excuses for why. Now make up your mind that you’re going to change that! Write down your goal or several goals to get you there. Assign a timeline to each goal. Now think about how you’re going to accomplish each one. Write down your thoughts. Now go out and get it! And don’t worry if you don’t meet your timelines. They are there as a guideline. Just keep moving forward!

Without Excuses

As always, I encourage you to leave any feedback, questions, comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts or your goals and how you’re going to move toward them!




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