Affiliate Marketing in 2018

As with anything in technology, there are bound to be new trends year over year. Staying on top of these trends is key to surviving in the affiliate marketing industry.

I’ve compiled some information as to what the experts say will be noteworthy for 2018.


Referrals will continue to be the easiest source of income. Regardless of what you’re selling, Joe public is looking for answers. He is much smarter and well informed when making purchases. The average person is now more inclined to search out reviews before purchasing.

The bonus to this is that someone searching for reviews is ready to buy and just looking for the best option. Being a provider of that information will set you up for some good referrals.


It’s not just Amazon anymore! As E-commerce platforms become more accessible and accepted, there is a huge trend showing here for expansion in 2018 and beyond.

Do you remember when online purchasing began? Everyone was so leary of purchasing anything online and revealing any personal information.  It was certainly a valid concern what with increases in identity thefts and all the scams that occur. But as retailers realized that this was becoming a valid sales avenue, more effort was put into secure purchasing.

Now purchasing online is becoming the norm and a real competitor to retail stores. Look at some of the major players in the retail world that have closed up shop! Others have chosen to jump on board and sell online as well as in store. Places like Home Depot, Walmart etc.

Then there are the new “buy anything” platforms that are trying to compete with Amazon and E-Bay. Sites like AliExpress, Geek, and Tophatter. I personally don’t think they have attained the same level of quality and service but they’re sure trying! It is also the Asian part of the world coming on strong in this area and we will likely see a continuation of that in 2018.


Mobile Optimization

Another huge trend is the increase is mobile activity. Everyone nowadays has a mobile device. Heck we’re practically attached at the hip!

Selling anything online means that your site has to optimized for mobile. If someone on an iphone can’t properly read your site, they will move along. There are several ways to test for mobile responsiveness including a Googles mobile-friendly test, responsive design checker, responsinator.

This is going to become huge as Google has announced the priority indexing will be given to mobile friendly sites.

Promoting on Social Media

At least we keep trying! They keep making it harder to find ways around their algarithms to post our sites and content. However, even paid ads have increased and been found to be successfull. Perhaps depending on your niche?

Facebook campaigns for example are easy to set up and allow you to target who and where will see your post. The social sites are definitely a great way to get traffic as just about everyone is on at least one form of social media.

They are also great sharing platforms and an easy way to reach thousands very quickly. All it takes is one share to get the ball rolling.

Videos and Images

I think as a society that is constantly on the go, if we can watch or scan through something as opposed to reading it, we feel like we’re saving time.

The use of videos and images is another area that has seen a huge increase and is expected to continue. Training videos and tutorials YouTube and the social sites get a lot of attention. Just Google “how to” something and your bound to find a video showing you how.

This type of advertising is expected to make up 82% of internet traffic by 2020. That is a large number and something to be considered when planning your site.

Quality Sites

We all know how important ranking is in obtaining traffic. Quality sites with quality links will always rank higher.

The quality and validity of your content can make or break your site. You need to provide useful, legitimate information with links that work properly if you want the higher ranking. The more people that dive into the online world of business, the harder we have to work on our sites to provide quality content and keep our rankings.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It’s not what it used to be! As it should be, we now have to define our target audience and what it is they are looking for answers to. Using keywords that link directly to your audience searches and providing meaningful information is what is now key in SEO. There are new platforms out such as YOAST SEO within WordPress. It will make sure you are using your keywords enough, but not too much, for your best optimization.

Is it necessary to get these plugins for SEO? Not really. You can perform these tests yourself if you’re mindful about the content you’re writing. Which hopefully you are anyways!


Train Yourself!! Really, the more things change, the more they stay the same. We may need to stay on top of the ways we need to advertise but the basics of how we do so don’t change.

You know that used car salesman we all hate? The pushy one that says whatever he needs to say to sell you that piece of crap car? DON’T BE HIM!

There will always be new and inventive ways to advertise what we are selling but KEEP IT REAL! Your site should be about informing and helping people through honest and trustworthy content. When you try to baffle them with BS, they’re going to go somewhere else. We all know when we’re looking at an offer that’s too good to be true. Even if there’s a part of us that would like to believe it, deep down we know better!

Training yourself about website building, content, keywords, and all the other things that go with it, is the best way to attain and maintain a quality website and a thriving business. If you would like to learn, hands on, how to achieve this, then follow me below. The best program out there by far……



2 Replies to “Affiliate Marketing in 2018”

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head within your conclusion, “Train Yourself” This is imperative when it comes to trying to be successful with affiliate marketing. Being mobile friendly is key like you said. Have you had any problems with your sites not being mobile friendly? I have run into it a few times, but as mobile is becoming more and more popular, I can’t afford to have those problems.

    1. Hi Nate and thank you for commenting. I have had speed issues with mobile a couple times. It has always been images that were the culprit.

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