Because I Like to Share

Sharing is Caring

Today I reached my six month marker with Wealthy Affiliate. Yay me!!

Getting the notification made me stop and think about what the past six months has been like. Not just with Wealthy Affiliate but in my own life.

I started Wealthy Affiliate with the intention of building an online income that could possibly take me into retirement. That is still my intention. But so much more has happened that I wasn’t expecting.

I was adopted by a new family. The WA Family. When they refer to the members as a community, they’re not kidding. There are so many wonderful people to “meet” who are all helpful and caring people. It’s as if thousands of like minded people have all gathered for the greater good of each other as well as themselves of course.

The learning and the sharing that has transpired in just six months is crazy! Not only have I found Wealthy Affiliate to be THE BEST learning platform for online marketing, but it’s teaching me all these other little things that I never realized where happening at first.

For me, this business is a whole new world. Not that I was computer illiterate by any means but marketing and websites were not something I had ventured into until now. But hidden underneath all this learning and money making is something else. It’s not all about the money! It’s about helping others, supporting, boosting them when they feel discouraged.

Our world has become so busy, so technical, so demanding. Everyday I see indications of how much feeling has been lost from our daily lives. We lack time and patience. We have our routines and we go through the motions, often without emotion. I believe that many of us here at Wealthy Affiliate are not only searching out a more beneficial way to income, but also a more peaceful existence. One where we have time to breathe. One where we have time to enjoy the people around us, the scenery, the gifts that we already have and are taking for granted.

Just like fashion returns after so many years, are we looking to return to simpler times? To healthier minds and bodies? Healthier family units? You may think I’m crazy but I almost feel a shift in the universe towards this.

Wouldn’t it be nice if walking down the street, a complete stranger said “Good Morning. I hope you have a fantastic day!” Most would probably think that person a little odd. After all, we are far too busy and trying to reach our destination for such niceties. But what if? What if every person took the time each day, just once, to try and reach out to someone else? Nothing big! Just a smile and a warm hello. Just think how easy that is and how things would change.

I challenge you to try this, just once every day. Come back and let me know. Let’s talk!

And if forging ahead with that income is still on your mind, I challenge you to check out Wealthy Affiliate!

2 Replies to “Because I Like to Share”

  1. I loved your post on because I like to share. This really brightened my day up and I don’t think you’re mad. There should be more sharing and caring in the World and a nice polite hello in the morning from a stranger would make my day!
    I am a Wealthy Affiliate Member too and you are right. You could not find such a great bunch of like-minded people on a platform anywhere else online.
    See you, Jeff.

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