Building a Successful Website

Elements of a Successful Website

There are several key elements that will make your site one that people will be drawn to. Lets think about some of your favourite sites. What is it that makes them your favourite?

Generally speaking, the more visibly appealing, easy to read, while providing the necessary information, the more traffic your site will get. And traffic is HUGE to your success!

Here’s an example of what I would consider a terrible start to a website!

The Number 3 Worst Over-The-Top Website of 2014

Not only can I not get past the name!! but the choice of background image is totally irrelevant to the service being offered.

So let’s talk about choosing a name.  You see it’s more than just a name!  The name of your site has to contain words or phrases that people are searching for.  It has to be self-explanatory and catchy.  And your background image should definitely have some relevance to the product or service you are offering.

Keywords and Images are your next target.  Keywords are immensely important to your site. Your choice of keywords is what will get your page ranked on Google which means that people searching will find your site.


Keywords  is another whole post on its own, so we’ll get to that later.

Images make your posts/pages come to life. No one likes to stare at a page of writing.  Pertinent images can make the difference between someone continuing on your page or moving on to another. Like the image below!  The most pertinent image you will find if you’re wanting to build a successful site!


Are you ready to learn how it’s done? 


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