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GAZ (Global Affiliate Zone) – Does It Work?

Review NAME: Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) WEBSITE: PRICE: $99 and up   Overview You may have recently encountered a whole pile of Facebook postings geared towards things like “how would it feel if you didn’t have to go back to work?” “are you leading the lifestyle you want to

Fire Your Boss Step 7 – How to Write a #1 Product Review

Why Write Reviews If you are advertising a product, people search the internet to learn about that product before purchasing. They want to know how it ranks with comparable products both in function and in price. There is so much information out there now, that few people actually purchase without

Fire Your Boss Step 5 – Unlock your Potential with Keywords

In previous steps we’ve talked about writing content and how that content is what will attract your readers and get you ranked in the search engines. Now lets talk about exactly how that works. What is a Keyword? Keywords are words used by people searching the internet. There may be

Fire Your Boss Step 4 – Getting Into Content Writing

Have you ever written an article, book, poetry maybe? If you have it will certainly help. Everyone, even if you don’t know it, has their own writing style. Once you begin writing content for your website, this will become apparent and you will be able to expand on it. Don’t