Choosing Affiliates

How Do I Choose?


There are literally hundreds of thousands of possibilities! The internet is an endless sea of choices. So how do you choose companies and/or products to become affiliated with?

The more that online shopping becomes the norm, the more companies are looking for those online “clicks”. But it’s not just as simple as you choosing them.

Any company offering an affiliate program is likely going to want to approve your website. They want to see that your content is legitimate and that you are getting traffic to your site.

Some companies will only allow you to become an affiliate by joining through marketing programs such as Share-A-Sale, Link Share, Commission Junction and the likes. The companies join with these marketers and basically let them handle the affiliation portion of their marketing.

      Rakuten Affiliate Network




There are easier places to start, such as Amazon Associates.  A very well known name with a good reputation. Amazon offers endless products lines for you to link to your site ensuring that you can no doubt find something relevant.

You may, of course, be focused on selling your own product or service. In this case, you may want to link to more “random” advertising on your site as another form of income.  Google AdSense is a possibility in that scenario as the advertising is not as focused or in sync with your niche.

How do Affiliations Help You?

At this point, maybe you are asking yourself, “why do I want to be affiliated with these companies and their products?”.

All companies offering an affiliate relationship are willing to pay you commission. By advertising for them on your site, you will be paid for that advertising. There are PPC or Pay Per Click advertisers as well as the ones who pay commission when someone clicks on their ad from your site and follows through to purchase.

If you’re finding this all a little confusing and overwhelming, do what I did!

Learn the business first!

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