Don’t Underestimate the Power of Positive Thinking

We’ve all heard the cliche right? Yes! it’s true! Not just a bunch of words put into a sentence that your grandparents came up with. There really is a “POWER” to positive thinking.

Never Stop Learning

Learning is something that happens to all of us, every day! We may think we know it all, but our brain actually knows better!

We don’t need to be involved in a standard learning environment to be learning. Little things that happen every day are teaching us without us even stopping to think about it. Learning is huge when it comes to our life path and where it takes us.

The moment we stop learning, is the moment we stop progressing. When we set goals for ourselves, no matter how insignificant they may seem, there are always things we are required to learn in order to meet those goals.

Trust Yourself

This is a big one! Many of us growing up were not taught in a way that encouraged us to trust our own thoughts and feelings. Some of us come from situations, whether as children or adults, where we have been belittled and made to feel inadequate. All these circumstances cause us to not trust ourselves. We don’t trust that we can make logical decisions and suitable choices. When this happens, we avoid having to make those choices, life choices.

Trusting yourself is the first step to making changes you would like to see in your life. We all sit back and dream of things we’d like to do with our lives or places we’d like to be. It takes trust in yourself to make those changes. And the fact is, we all have the capability to do so. We just need to trust in ourselves.

All Things are Possible

It’s true! There’s another saying…..the only things we fail at are the things we don’t try

If we have the ability to trust in ourselves and we are willing to learn, then all things become possible. I know, it’s sounds all rosey and perfect and not that simple. In a way, it’s not that simple. Depending on your current frame of mind, it can be a real game changer to try and get to a place where you believe enough in yourself to start making things happen.

It’s really just a mindset but one that will take time to accomplish. Start small. Try these tips on a daily basis :

  • find something about your day to be grateful for
  • do one thing to make someone else’s day better
  • take 15 minutes to yourself, no interruptions

In time, you will see that acknowledging these things are making them part of everyday life, not only becomes natural, but puts one in a healthier state of mind. It is then, that we can see more possibilities.

Yes I Can

Once we can see the possibilities, we can move towards them. We can apply the learning and the trust and the belief, towards accomplishing. We are now at the point of “Yes I Can”.

That doesn’t mean the future is all blue skies and rainbows by any means. But when we approach our daily lives with a positive attitude it’s a great start. In time, we accomplish of way of looking at things from a brighter direction, seeing the best in people and situations.

Think Positive

It’s really that simple. In every situation that causes you negative feelings, stop and try and find the positive. What are you learning from this? Have you learned enough to be able to trust your decision to see it through? Do you believe that it’s possible to turn it into a positive situation? Are you back to “YES I CAN”?

Answering these questions in any difficult circumstance, will bring you back to thinking positive if you really want it to.

Possitivity not only benefits your own life but the lives of those around you. And just so you know, I’ve used the writing of this article to bring myself back to a positive place when things around me have been getting me down. It does work if we let it!


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Make a great day!


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