Enjoy Life – Simple Right?

Sometimes not so much!

Today is Good Friday and it seemed like a day for a more relaxed blog. Easter traditionally is a time to stop, reflect, thank God for the gift of his Son, and of course spend time with family.

These moments sometimes seem rare to me. Our overly busy lifestyles lend to only having these moments when we are told there is something to celebrate. We’re all guilty. It’s the way we live. Living to work instead of working to live.

So is enjoying life really that simple? Apparently not! There is a huge number of people searching Google under terms such as “enjoy life”, “enjoy life again”, “relax and enjoy life”, “downshifting, work less, enjoy life more”.

I am therefore assuming that there are a lot of us that need some help in that area, myself included. After all, is life not supposed to be a celebration in itself?

What’s Stopping Us?

I think we’ve already determined that our lifestyles play a big part in this. Daily demands that roll over into the next week and so on. It is so common now, and pretty much necessary, to have both parents in a family unit that are working. It needs to be done just to get by. Add up your monthly bills and that one income is probably not enough. So we add another income. But then that income is mostly spent on childcare.

Are we living beyond our means? In a lot of cases, Yes! So what does it take to enjoy life?

What Enjoying Life Really Means

Why do we live over-extended or beyond our means? Need we keep up with the Jones’? Are there just so many have to have items out there?

What if we didn’t have those things? Is that new vehicle every couple of years so important? What about the new wardrobe? And little Billie’s $700 four wheeler? Are we in fact teaching our children that those things are required to enjoy life?

Don’t get me wrong! Those things do make life more enjoyable. They make us happy. We feel like we’ve earned them. But have we really? or are we getting it backwards?

I believe that the “we’ve earned it” mentality is what’s getting us in trouble. It’s like a way of justifying to ourselves that we are spending the money. Money we don’t have! In the end, this just makes us unhappy.

Now let’s get back to basics. As the Easters, and Thanksgivings and Christmas’ teach us, is enjoying life not more about who we spend it with than what we have?

Downshifting, Finding the Time

Is there a happy medium? I believe so. It may have to be a concerted effort but it can be done. Time management is key. We simply have to schedule the time to enjoy life. That may sound ridiculous but the Google searches don’t lie! People want to know how to enjoy life. So when you’re planning out your week and what has to be done, schedule time for fun and family and friends. Just like you would a doctors’ appointment or Billie’s parent/teacher night.

We have to make time for fun and enjoying life! Have a family game night or a movie night at home. I know, beyond that it starts costing money and we’re back to square one.

So How do We Make it Work?

Firstly, look at your extras. Things like your satellite TV cost, your cell phone bills, internet. Can the plans be lowered and still work for you? Are there any monthly bills where you can save money? Even if the money you save gets put away until you can actually afford that item that makes life more enjoyable. This way it truly will! You have not over-extended yourself to get it and have scheduled the time to enjoy using it.


Reflect! Take time to remember what is really important in life and make changes.

If you’re still stuck on needing more financial backing to enjoy life, then as always, I would offer you my tried and true solution. Wealthy Affiliate. Start a blog, sell products online. It can be an extra few hundred a month or a full time living from anywhere in the world you can use your phone or laptop. The choice is yours but Wealthy Affiliate is most definitely that place to start to get the proper training. Take a peek at what they have to offer if you like! It’s free!

I hope that on this Good Friday and Easter Weekend you make the choice to enjoy life!



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