Fire Your Boss Step 4 – Getting Into Content Writing

Have you ever written an article, book, poetry maybe? If you have it will certainly help. Everyone, even if you don’t know it, has their own writing style. Once you begin writing content for your website, this will become apparent and you will be able to expand on it. Don’t worry though, there are some tips on how to captivate your audience!

Who is Your Audience?

You first have to determine who it is that you are going speak to. Your audience can be more than one group and may be addressed simultaneously or reached specifically in different articles.

The musician playing a concert, or the priest giving a sermon know who their audience is. The people have come to them and want to listen to what they have to say (or sing). You have a bit more of a challenge. You are going to have to bring people to you, to your website.

The way you are going to do this, is through your content. Whatever it is that you write about, needs to truthful, factual, and answer questions that your audience came to read about. So how do you do this?

Truthful Writing

When I refer to truthful writing, I mean be honest with your reader. Don’t tell them the diet pill they are about to purchase will change their life in a week because that’s what you read somewhere! People don’t want to come to site and read false promises! As a writer, you are going to have to build trust with your readers. If you’re spouting off about something that you know nothing about, your readers will know that. Rather than making false promises, be honest if you have not tried a product, and provide facts about what you do know.

Factual Writing

This is where the research comes in. Before you can write an article for your site, you must first determine what the article is going to be about and research it. Gather your facts. Whether you’re comparing products or services, make sure you can write and article based on FACTS! Use graphs and charts if you can (again Canva!) or a product review template.

Providing the facts will provide the answers your readers are there to get.

Friendly Writing

So facts are great, but how boring is it to read something that is all facts?!

This is where your writing style comes into play. You know, that one you don’t even think you have! Once you’ve written a few you’ll start to get a feel for what you are comfortable with.

Try to tweek this style so that it sounds like you’re talking to a friend or relative. Casual, laid back, easy going. Make it a fun read where possible. You can use your own experiences as examples where you may be able to throw in some humour.

Doing this will give your readers a comfort level and will build you as a brand. Nobody wants to sit a read a whole article of facts and charts. BORING!! Besides, your readers will, in essence, be your friends. Your website is to try to provide some kind of information or service that people are looking for. You are there to help them! Reach out in a way that will make them believe that you are there for that reason.

Visual Writing

The way your article appears is just as important as what it says. You want to break it down into meaningful sections. Make sure you are making proper use of paragraphs and that your sentences are not all running together where thoughts should be broken up and not leaving people wondering where the punctuation should be and what the heck you’re talking about at all.

Did you like how I did that? DON’T DO THAT!

Using Headings and smaller paragraphs could help you retain a reader. As much as you want to be factual and include all the details in your article, there are people who will just scroll through. If they see a heading that catches their eye, they may be more apt to stop and read. You want your layout to be one that will optimize the number of people who will actually take the time to read your article.


Hopefully I have enlightened you to the fact that there are several elements to be aware of when writing for your site.

Each and every one of them are crucial to attracting and maintaining traffic.

Here is your Step 4 Task:

  • re-read your “about me” page. Does it work with these elements?
  • take a crack at your first article, shoot for 500 words, 8 paragraphs, 3 Headings
  • read it back when you’re done, or have someone else read it. Does it flow with friendliness and humour? Does it provide facts? Are you believably truthful? Does it answer questions that your readers may be asking?

In Step 5 we will look at using keywords that will get you ranked in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Until then, have fun with your article, share it below if you like.



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  1. Hello,really find this page very helpful to read because been having some trouble writing and organizing good content. To be honest with you English is my second language and although went to College and graduate in the USA still comes a bit hard to write articles and reviews. Your page gives clear and easy to understand guides to improve and be better writing good paragraphs and sentences; punctuation is clever among some important elements to be aware when it comes to choose subjects to blog, review and comment about.I liked the layout and recommendation to make sure one becomes more skillful and assertive when it comes to reach the audience desired to target with quality content.Thanks and it helps me personally a great deal. Xavier.T

    1. That’s awesome Xavier, thank you! Your English is quite good but I can understand that it would be a little more difficult to write a blog in a second language.  Thanks for your comments and all the best to you.


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