Fire Your Boss Step 5 – Unlock your Potential with Keywords

In previous steps we’ve talked about writing content and how that content is what will attract your readers and get you ranked in the search engines. Now lets talk about exactly how that works.

What is a Keyword?

Keywords are words used by people searching the internet. There may be 1000 people searching for the same thing, using different phrases. Ultimately, all of those phrases will contain one identical word. That becomes the “key”word.

For example, if you go to Google search and type in “dog” you will get an auto fill that looks like this

Your keyword here is dog. The auto-fill tells you what people are searching for related to the word dog. If your site is about dogs, you could then consider writing about breeds, rescue centers, names, health issues (like eating cocoa powder). We can then take it a step further. Let’s see what auto fill gives us if we type in “dog breeds”

Now we know that the most common searches are the size of breeds, breeds that don’t shed, and that people want to see pics of the cute puppies!

All of these can be ideas for content writing using dog breeds as the keyword/phrase.


More Keyword Searches

The search engines themselves are a great place to start searching for keywords but there are other options as well.

My personal preference is Jaaxy is a keyword search tool app that provides a lot more detail than just searching the search engines. Let’s do the same search in Jaaxy and see what we get

As you can see, there is more information here than what we got from Google. Although I cannot show it all on the screenshot, it does list the top 20 searches related to dog. The Jaaxy results tell us that the average monthly searches related to dog are 847,806. The “traffic” column tells us that if you ranked on the first page, your article would be view by 144,128 people per month.

Here’s where it starts getting interesting. The “QSR” is the quoted search results which means the number of competing websites that ranked in Google using the exact phrase. The “KQI” is the Keyword Quality Indicator. This tells you the quality (Great, Normal, Poor) of the keyword being used. So now lets click on the Get QSR and see how that looks

This is where we use a little reverse psychology. One would naturally think that the higher the monthly searches, and the higher the traffic, the better the keyword. WRONG! As a rule of thumb, you want to find keywords that are 100 or more in Traffic and 100 or less in QSR. Why? If we look at the SEO column, that tells us that your chances of being ranked on the 1st page of Google using the phrase “dog clothes and accessories” is higher than just using “dog clothing”.

Want we want to use are the less searched phrases that will rank us higher in Google.

You can get 30 free searches with a Jaaxy Starter Trial. There are then 2 other membership levels with monthly fees. If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy is included in your membership.

Try it yourself…..

How do I use Keywords in my Content?

So now you’ve done your research and decided on an article you will write using a Keyword.

Most people tend to write the article using the keyword many times throughout. This is actually not a good idea! It’s kind of like spamming your own content.

Ideally, if your article is in the 500-1000 word range, your keyword should be used once in the title and once in your first paragraph. Using it anymore than that looks “spammy” to the search engines.

Tasks for Step 5

Play around with Google and Jaaxy and even Bing and Yahoo. Compare your findings. Get a feel for what a keyword is and how to use it.

  • come up with 3 keywords related to your niche
  • write 3 articles using your keywords

In Step 6, we will be looking at Images and when and how many to add to your content.

Any questions on keywords? Leave them below and I’ll be happy to answer!




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  1. Hello. I got a question about keywords and google search results. How can I get ranked higher using keywords? I have heard others talk about seo and keyword results. I have trouble sometimes when writing a post and writing keywords into it. Could you please give me some pointers?
    And have a great night.

    1. Hi Victor, thanks for leaving your questions. They are very good ones. The only reason I haven’t addressed these questions in this article is that I will be doing an article completely about SEO.  I will do my best to answer your questions in that article. Stay tuned…..


  2. thank you for sharing great information to about unlock your potential with keywords. its really good post for us.this is the best blog site. good job.

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