Fire Your Boss Step 6 – How to Use Images

Come on, say it with me. A PICTURE SPEAKS A THOUSAND WORDS!

Now we just have to make sure our images are speaking the right words!


Choosing Images

The images I chose above are to display how images make us feel. The first being bright and springlike puts our mind in a good place, perhaps thinking of good times related to Spring and Summer activities and being outdoors.

The second image is just a whole pile of cuteness! These images make us feel warm and fuzzy.

The third image puts our minds in a place of darkness and fear.

The images you choose to display on your website are directly related to how you will make your reader feel. The images also need to be relevant to your topic. They don’t need to be strictly images either. The use of screenshots and graphs can also serve as relevant imagery.

When choosing your images, try to remember the purpose behind your site and your article. Your readers have come to you to find answers to something. Let your images help answer the questions.

Where to Find Images

This can be tricky. There are copyright laws and we can’t just right click and copy any image we come across. This is where you will need to do some research. Find free commercial use photos or at least some that can be used by giving credit.

There are lots of sites for this and depending on your niche as to which one’s may work better for you. This can be a time-consuming process. The site you find with the most relevant images will reduce time spent while you’re writing.

If you have chosen to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, you will know that there is a huge image gallery right within the writing platform.

How do Images Effect my Site?

Other than the obvious answers of attracting readers and explaining text, images can have an effect on your site speed.

Images need to be in the correct format of either jpg or png. The size and pixels can really slow down the loading of your site. There is a handy little tool at You can upload an image for free and the app will reduce the size of the file by filtering colours. Now you may think that will change the image but it does not. Below is the example they give of an image that has been reduced.

Image Placement

Images are nice and they serve a purpose but too many images can have a negative effect.

General rule of thumb, is to have one header image that will be seen by your reader right away. After that, a 1000 word article may have another 2 images. Obviously the larger your article, the more images that would be appropriate.

I’m sure you’ve landed on sites that are nothing but imagery and flashing colour. Yes they get your attention, but while you are actually trying to read the content, they become annoying. Finding the right balance for your niche is the key. You want enough to attract and explain but not so much that it is too busy.

Tasks for Step 6

  • spend some time finding a good place for images related to your niche
  • try and save your compressed images.
  • go back to the articles you have written and insert some imagery

In Step 7 we are going to look into writing product reviews. Generally we are selling something on our sites and therefore writing reviews of comparable products is a good idea.

As always, any questions or comments on this Step or others are welcome below!





2 Replies to “Fire Your Boss Step 6 – How to Use Images”

  1. Wow I never knew about tinypng, that tools going to help me so much! To be honest, I probably would have never found this if I didn’t read this! Do you have any info or perhaps an article about Images and SEO or perhaps somewhere you could refer me? That would awesome! thanks Christine!

    1. Hi Izzy! These questions will be answered in an article I am currently writing on SEO. Stay tuned for that….

      I love tinypng. It’s so quick and simple and makes a huge difference in site speed!


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