Fire Your Boss Step 7 – How to Write a #1 Product Review

Why Write Reviews

If you are advertising a product, people search the internet to learn about that product before purchasing. They want to know how it ranks with comparable products both in function and in price. There is so much information out there now, that few people actually purchase without comparing.

Providing them with that information could lead to a sale for you.

How to Write a Review

In order to appear consistent and professional, using a template is your best bet. Set up a template with about 4 topics or thoughts that you will address. Follow those with a conclusion, summary, or final ranking. All of these should be larger, bolder headings to attract attention.

Now do your research. Presumably you already know all the details of the product you are selling but you need to find out the same information about comparable products. Go to a manufacturers’ website for details about the product. Look at consumer sites for complaints or recalls. Perhaps the product has been revamped and previously had negative reviews but has something new that you can talk about.

Doing a product review doesn’t necessarily mean a hard sell on your product. You want to become a trusted site for reviews by providing truthful information. Even though your goal is selling your main product, you may end up making sales through the other products you review. That’s ok too!

Use as many charts and graphs and screen shots as you can to provide comparable data. Show your readers the information instead of just telling them.

By using Canva, you can create info graphics like this one ===>>>

or charts like the one below








Reviewing Just One Product

You may decide to do a review on just one product or service and toss your product into the mix as your personal favourite. As an example, here is the link to a review that I did on another affiliate marketing program.

Here is the link of the review I did on the program that I promote.

Bringing it Home

So now that you’ve provided all the facts and figures about your products, it’s time to make the sale!

Closing your review with a ranking system and explaining the reason you chose a certain rank level for the product may finalize your readers decision to buy.

Provide a link for “the best in the product line” to “buy here”. Your reader is one click away from making a purchase!


Tasks for Step 7

  • write a review for your product or service
  • research a comparable product
  • write a review about that product and do a comparison chart to your product
  • practice using Canva to display your comparisons

In Step 8 we will be looking at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how your content will be viewed by the search engines. You don’t want to miss this one!

As always,  leave your thoughts below…..



2 Replies to “Fire Your Boss Step 7 – How to Write a #1 Product Review”

  1. Hey Christine, thanks for your article on reviews. I happen to be new at WA and i intend to go into a lot of reviews. My question is about monetizing these reviews, how have you been doing it, do you have to first signup for their affiliate programs to share their links? How do you do it?

    1. Yes! If you are looking to link to the product in your review, then you must be registered as an affiliate in order to realize any funds. It is best to get some content on your page before trying to affiliate as they will look to your page for authenticity before you are approved. The exception to that is Amazon. You can sign up with Amazon right away.

      Thanks for leaving your question and comments! Hope that helps!

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