GAZ (Global Affiliate Zone) – Does It Work?


NAME: Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ)


PRICE: $99 and up



You may have recently encountered a whole pile of Facebook postings geared towards things like “how would it feel if you didn’t have to go back to work?” “are you leading the lifestyle you want to live?”

These are the individuals who have signed up with GAZ. The attraction with these ads is not only the idea of living a better lifestyle. The videos are real people with a real message.

Let’s have a look at some details….

What GAZ has to Offer

When you click on the ads, you are asked to sign up for a free webinar. You can sign up for a specific time or you can watch a replay of a previous one. Some are the original guys who started the program and some are people who have made their own videos. The original video is available on YouTube.

In this case there are people standing by (images at the bottom) who have joined and are giving their testimonies to the program. They all claim to be succeeding greatly with the program to the tune of six figures a week.

They speak to how supportive the program is and how much training is provided. They tell their own individual stories as to how it happened for them.

As with most of these programs, it all sounds very good but one is never told exactly what the program or product is.

At this point, after watching the video, you are asked to pay a one time fee of $99 to take the next step. It is then that they explain the full program and the products. If you feel the program is not for you, you can get a full refund of the $99.


So here’s what I was able to find out……

You can pay the $99 one time and get mentoring for a lifetime as to how to attract other people to this business. There would seem to be a commission on the $99 as well as on programs available beyond that. Oh Yes! There is an up sell!

The next level program starts around $800 but I was unable to get exact details. The highest level program is $4000 for which you get the actual product which is a water filtration system. You must buy the product in order to be able to sell the product and therefore receive the commission. Now obviously this is where the big money comes in and I am a firm believer in using something before you attempt to sell it. To me that only makes sense. However, I’m not sure how many people trying to get into online marketing have $4000 lying around to get them this far.

The one thing I really like about this program is the underlying mentoring. These people are very much about bringing others along with them on their ride to success! Helping others to succeed and how to do it. It is a community of like-minded people there to help each other much like the community at Wealthy Affiliate which I strongly promote.

My Take on GAZ

Is it a scam? No I don’t believe so. Is it misleading? Somewhat.

There very well be many people making good money here selling these filtration systems and the program itself. But the average person, signing up for $99 and just selling the program isn’t going to be getting rich any time soon. I believe there may be plenty to learn through their mentoring but without that huge investment, don’t expect to get huge returns.

Have you had experience with GAZ? Leave it below! Comments and questions always welcome!


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