How Can I? – The Online Business Questions

Seems like making money online is the hot topic these days. In fact, the term “making money online” is searched 177,399 times per month in Google. The search will net you 52,900,000 results in 56 seconds!

So what will it take to make money online? How will you establish a trusted brand? What the heck does that even mean??

Well hopefully this article will shed some light for you. Let’s look at the Who, What, When, Where and Why of earning an income online.


Who? Are you looking to make money online?

I break the answer to this down into basically 5 types of people. Now don’t be offended, we’ve all been one of them!

  • The Desperado – This is the most dangerous. Your life circumstances have brought you to this point of desperation to make things better. You are willing to make that last ditch effort to try to improve your circumstances. Good on you for not giving up! But be careful. You know that saying? Desperate times call for desperate measures? In my experience, the desperate measures have never materialized into anything and often make things worse!
  • The Geek – You know, that person that’s up on all the latest computer/internet technology. The one who seems to speak a different language and makes you feel like you should be reading technology for dummies. This guy right here, is always looking to try the latest thing when it comes to anything online.
  • The Financier – This is the person with the financial background. They may be a stock broker, or a bank manager, or a business management consultant. That type. Their theory is “if I can do it in real life, I can do it in cyberspace”.
  • The Entrepreneur – Oh come on, there’s a little in all of us somewhere 😉 This one is a little harder to explain. It’s kind of like being pregnant and having a craving. You know there’s something out there you want, and you just have to have it, but you’re not really sure what it is. Or maybe you’re really, really sure! Either way, you have the desire to build something yourself. To do it your way, and take all the credit.
  • The Mid-Lifer – Last but not least. You’ve been in pretty much the same line of work all your adult life and things are getting really boring. There has to be more to life than this, something else out there to challenge you. You may be getting to that point in life where you’re thinking that your gravestone needs to state something really fantastic!

All joking aside, there are many phases of our lives that cause us to look for change or something more exciting.

What? are people looking for in online business

There are those that are just looking for a fast buck. They need money quickly and are looking at any way it can be done. Unfortunately, those are the people that the scammers prey on!

Others may be looking for a challenge, something new to try, something to get them using the internet, a hobby to do in their spare time.

Lifestyle and security are other reasons people look to this kind of income. Even if the online income is passive and just adds a few hundred to your bank account every month for free spending. Security of course comes from establishing a real business that pays now and in the future.

Similarly to lifestyle changes, a lot of people just get tired of working to make other people money. They decide it’s time to take responsibility for their own future and be in business for themselves.

Where? can I get information 

Well of course the internet!!! But buyer beware!!  I’m sure you know by now that not everything you read on the internet is true :0

There is this huge gray area between black and white and you don’t want to get trapped in it.

Since I have started my website, I have actually been disgusted and infuriated by the number of people out there that place so much importance on money and monetary things, that they will do anything to get it. I look at it this way….yes you can make money scamming people, but would you like to be one of them? Could you sleep at night? Hopefully your answer is NO!

Earning an income online is serious business and will not happen overnight. DO NOT be fooled by people that tell you otherwise. You may be broke before you have a chance to actually start earning.

Do your research, get reviews. Do not pay for anything until you know what it is you’re paying for (not promises).


When? is a good time to start

The usual “when” questions are “when will I start making money?” or “when will I be able to quit my job?”.

The answer…..when you’ve put in enough effort!

Instead, let’s look at “when is a good time to start?”. NOW! If you’re young, you’ll set yourself up nicely for life. If you’re approaching retirement, you will establish income to make you comfortable.

How? do I succeed at an online business

An online business is like any other. It takes knowledge, time, and nurturing. You see, the problem with all these ads for online income, the MLM’s, the “we’ll do it all for you”, is that you’re relying on someone else. So really, it’s no different than working for someone else. When the people at the top fail, so do you! The only difference is that they’ve made their money by scamming you!

My suggestion is to take your time and do it right. Whether you want to sell your own product or service, or someone else’s, gain the knowledge first. If you think about it, with all the people out there trying to do the same thing, who is going to succeed? The ones that jumped in for the quick payout? or the ones who took the time to learn the business? Obvious right?

That is why I have become an avid supporter of Wealthy Affiliate. If you have not heard of them, it is a training platform that includes everything you need to learn about online business, building a website, includes hosting, website themes, support, domains, content writing platform and so much more. In Fact, they are so sure you will like what you see that you can sign up for free and get 10 free lessons and the ability to begin a website. FOR FREE! Now in total, there are 50 lessons and ongoing updates. If you like what you see, you can upgrade to the FULL package for $49US per month of with a yearly if you prefer. That’s it! No up-sells later on, no needing to pay more for more features. The learning is incredible and I don’t think any serious about starting an online business could possibly be disappointed.

If you would like to check it out, you can get more info here on my website or you can go directly to Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on the link below. As always, I love to chat and hear others views. Please leave me some comments below!

What are YOU waiting for to get YOU started?

2 Replies to “How Can I? – The Online Business Questions”

  1. Christine, great article. After reading it I think you could add another category of person. Let’s see;
    1. Who is a desperado who is cynical and doesn’t bite.
    2. Who is a partial geek but knows better than to hop to new things too quickly ie before learning the old things. (I have seen others in different fields doing this. The end result is they never learn anything fully.)
    3. Who has handled finance in projects but strongly declares ‘if I wanted to be an accountant I would have done accountancy’!
    4. Might be a partial entrepreneur but knows it’s necessary to learn first and include other people
    5. Who has passed midlife crisis, had a very varied life and isn’t having a headstone!

    If I didn’t already belong to WA, you would have really given me enough interesting information to join.

    I love this article and predict others will too!


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