How to Find and Use Keywords

What is this thing “Keyword”?


So perhaps in your travels and research you’ve come across the term “keyword” or “keyword phrase”.  Keywords are words that are most commonly used in reference to a search for things related to your niche.

The use of keywords and keyword phrases in your site content is directly related to getting ranked and therefore to how many potential customers will view your site.

Now I know if I read those two paragraphs when I first started this adventure, I’d be shaking me head wondering what it meant!

Let’s say your niche is puppy training. Firstly, both “puppy” and “training” are keywords. But you can take it further than that. In a google search, puppy training will auto fill with : pads, guide, tips, books and more.

These are all keywords that show us what people are searching most often. Use them when you write content for your site, and it will help you get ranked in Google. 

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