How to Make Money with Clickbank – 2018

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Clickbank originally was formed in 1998 in San Diego, California. They have grown to be in the top 100 of Internet Retailers and the leader in digital e-commerce.

They have recorded over $3 billion in sales, 200 Million customers, and 6 Million vendors in over 190 countries.

Their offices are in Boise, Idaho and Broomfield, Colorado.

Normally my reviews follow a standard format, but in this case I need to change it up a bit. There are several things about Clickbank to revew.  You might be looking at being one of the 6 million vendors. You may wish to sign up as an affiliate, or you may just want to be a customer.

Whichever the case, I will address them all here.


What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a sales platform geared to digital products. What are digital products? Things that are downloadable like e-books, training, and software.

As a Clickbank Customer

Clickbank is known for high quality and secure service. Chances are that anything you purchase through Clickbank is going to be due to an affiliate ad.

They accept all credit cards and paypal. There is a 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee on all products sold through Clickbank. You can therefore shop without hesitation. They are also known for reasonably quick delivery of products.

As a Clickbank Vendor

Vendors with Clickbank have a great opportunity to get their product out in the vast world of the internet. This allows entrepreneurs with one off products to get that product exposed. Most of the work as a vendor is done for you by the sales platform itself and the affiliates.

Signing up is easy and you can be up and running in no time.

As a Clickbank Affiliate

Clickbank affiliate sign-up is simple.  Just sign up!  Yup, that’s it! A little different than other affiliate programs.

There are countless categories for you to choose from to promote. The commissions from these Vendors are reasonably high as far as afilliate commisions go but you’ll have to be selective if you want to be promoting a product with less competition. Most of the vendors are offering 50-75% conversion rate.

Is Clickbank a Scam?

No. Everything about Clickbank is realiable. You will get the product you paid for, you will receive your commission as an affiliate, and you will receive your sales as a vendor.

The part about Clickbank that is coming up as “scam” is within the vendors. The vendors themselves may sell less than honourable products. Thus the buyer beware!  But because the vendors must agree to the money back guarantee, Clickbank is held harmless.

The Pros

As a customer

  • secure payment platform, tons of products to choose from, money back guarantee

As a vendor

  • the ability to showcase your products in a well maintined platform
  • little to do for your website as payment and sales are done for you
  • payments deposits have always been on time and correct

As an affilite

  • free
  • easy sign up
  • lots of products to choose from
  • commissions are well tracked and higher than most
  • paid out on regular interval when threshold met



As a customer

  • as always, buyer beware, there are scam products

As a vendor

  • the money back guarantee, no questions asked, can cut into your profits greatly

As an affiliate

  • the money back guarantee, no questions asked, can cut into your profits greatly
  • the competition on high paying commission products


My Final Word

With most reviews, I unfortunately find more negative than positive. Not so with Clickbank.

I believe they have something valuable to offer to everyone, the customer, the vendor, and the affiliate. A trusted site holds a lot water when it comes to the internet and e-commerce.

So what don’t I like? Well, in my experience, becoming an affiliate requires one to provide website information. The purpose behind this is for the company to evaluate the legitimacy of your site. They usually want to see quality content, and traffic. This tells them that you will promote their products in a favourable manor.

Now with Clickbank, this is not required, for the affiliate or the vendor. So why don’t they care? Because of the money back guarantee!  As I stated earlier, this holds them harmless. They do not have to deal with customer complaints in any way shape or form. Just get your money back.

As a vendor, or as an affiliate, you can be of any calibre and Clickbank will accept you. This makes it harder for the legit guys to make a living.

Overall, as far as internet business and making money online, I find this to be one of the most legitimate reviews I have done. As a customer, know what you’re buying. As a vendor, sell a GOOD product. And as an afilliate, choose trustworthy products to promote.

I enjoyed writing this review and I hope you have found something valueable here. If you have any comments or questions regarding Clickbank or any other online program, please leave them below. I love to chat!




2 Replies to “How to Make Money with Clickbank – 2018”

  1. Thank you
    I found your review of clickbank interesting, I still never understood how you set up a clickbank account and get paid for promoting digital stuff.

    Has your experience been positive selling digital over physical products, I always thought people would prefer purchasing a physical product over a digital one but it sounds as If I have been wrong?

    1. thanks Jeffrey. You are not wrong. There are those like you and I whose preference is still the physical product

      There are also those who don’t mind curling up in front of a computer to do their reading. There is obviously a cost bonus with digital.  With respect to selling digital….easy to sell but with the refunds it’s more difficult to make a profit. I personally believe Clickbank would do better to screen vendors and affiliates.

      Thanks for your comments and your interest.


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