Internet Scams and Trends


General Scams to Avoid

In our electronic day and age, internet scams as well as other scams have seen a significant increase. In fact keeping up with them can almost be a full time job.

As reported by the Better Business Bureau, the following are the most reported scams to avoid:

  • Online Purchases rank high as scammers are looking for personal info and a product is never received
  • Employment scams offer a position you are looking for and to get you set up for the job require a fee
  • Tax scams, generally through phone calls, insist you owe the government money and must pay immediately
  • Tech Support scams are usually popups on your computer that appear to be from reputable companies for repair
  • Government Grants, again usually by phone, state you are qualified for a grant and require a setup fee
  • Debt Collection scams claim that you have a debit registered and must pay to avoid garnishment etc.
  • Loan Advance scams requesting a one time setup fee to advance the loan
  • Lottery or Prize winnings and all you have to do is pay a fee for something to release the prize

The people behind these scams are preying on targeted groups. Groups like elderly who may not be up to snuff on technology or people who are desperately seeking work or another way to make money.


Changes in Search Trends            

With just about everyone these days having access to and using the internet, we’ve started to turn to this wealth of information to aid us in making all of our decisions. Big or small, we look to the internet to provide up to date info on what it is we’re looking for. Searches  for “______ ideas” have grown by 55%. Whether it’s diy ideas or online business ideas we want to know what everyone else is looking at.

Similarly, searches ending in “to avoid” have increased. Everything from cooking oil to vehicles. There is nothing that can’t be found by searching the internet.

Online Shopping

Have you become an online shopper? in 2016 it was reported that over 1 billion people worldwide were purchasing goods and services online. Year after year the numbers increase as it becomes a more accepted and secure process.

Amazon has been the number one seller as well as the number one web only seller. China has the largest e-commerce penetration wordwide.

For many of us with busy lives working and family obligations, online shopping is a much faster way to get things done. One can sit back with a coffee and peruse product after product and compare deals without the headaches of traffic and crowds. And finding a parking spot on your couch is guaranteed easier than fighting for a parking spot at the mall!

The drawback is not being able to physically see and touch your purchase. We must count on the sellers description of the product as to what we can expect for quality. 88% of online shoppers quote product details as being extremely important to their purchase. But hey, if you’re not sure, just google the product review right?

It is forecast that by 2026, E-commerce will be the norm. In fact E-commerce has grown by 23% year over year.

Online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy, would appear to be the preference as 65% of online shoppers choose marketplaces due to lower pricing. Shoppers also like that the marketplace shopping provides product ratings to aid in their purchase decision.

Up until now, online purchasing has been done mostly through the home computer but the mobile devices are quickly gaining ground. And because we love to have those mobile devices attached to us at all times, we even involve them when instore shoppping to look up product reviews and do price comparisons.

Shipping is another factor for people choosing to shop online. About 50% have been recorded as ordering online and having the purchase shipped to a store. Many purchases are left in “shopping carts” due to shipping costs which are quoted as being a huge part of the purchase decision.


In summary our technological advancements are going nowhere but up! Where is your place in this techie world? Is your business taking steps to keep up with the advancements?  Or maybe it’s time to consider starting a business



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