My Future – What Inquiring Minds Want to Know

There are days when the Jaaxy Keyword Tool just sets my mind reeling!

Although it’s purpose is to provide statistics, it can tell some pretty crazy stories. I recently performed my traditional keyword searches and as usual I ended up off in a completely different direction from where I started. Here are some of the things I found:

  • 9,750 searches per month – my future
  • 44,445 searches per month – happiness

For those of you not familiar with Jaaxy and what this means, it’s a crazy number of people who are searching for something more in life and not knowing how to find it!

It means that 44,445 people per month are searching Google for happiness. (Moment to let that sink in)

This number speaks to so many things I don’t even know where to begin.

Has Google Become the Worlds’ Crystal Ball?


The big question. Why? Why are so many people turning to a search engine to find ways to be happy??!! Why are so many people unhappy? Why are so many wanting to know what their future holds?

Does Google have the answers? Well as much as I love Google and it certainly does provide a wealth of information, I don’t believe it plays the role of psychologist.

It wasn’t that long ago, after a failed 20 year marriage, that I might have been one of those people doing the searching. I have been through some rough times in my life, I have fought depression (yes I used the word). I am very aware of what it’s like to go through every day feeling unhappy and uncertain about your future.


When did this happen? When did so many people become insecure in their lives? In one way, I guess it’s comforting to know we’re not alone. And yet it raises the question.

I know when we’re kids we don’t really have any concept of this kind of thing going on around us. Yet as a young adult even, I don’t remember depression and anxiety (happiness and future) being so prevelant. Or was it just not spoken of? Was no one at that time willing to elude to the fact that there was a problem? Whatever the case, it is a growing problem and these numbers, at least to me, paint a very clear picture.


So who are these people doing the search? Well Jaaxy doesn’t tell us that, nor does Google. If I had to guess, there are probably multiple age groups combined into these numbers.

  • Young children (although not searching Google) are subjected to bullying
  • Teens are subjected to peer pressure, drugs, self confidence issues
  • People in their 20’s and 30’s are trying to sustain some kind of security
  • The 40’s – 60’s crowd are looking to their future and retirement with a lot of questions
  • The over 60’s are wondering how they’ll survive on what little pension they have

Whatever the reason and who ever it affects, there is a lot of stress, insecurity and unhappiness out there.



Enough with the doom and gloom! How do we fix it? Firstly, ones’ future and happiness are a result of choices we make. The decisions are ours and no one elses. So why are we afraid to make the decisions? Why do we basically know so little about ourselves that we cannot choose what will make us happy? (Wow this is getting deep!)

Time for some self reflection. Time to narrow down those searches.  Perhaps we’ve all been raised to just follow the life plan. You know, finish school, get married, have kids, buy a house, work to pay for it and all the kids activities, and wait and see what happens.  For many there is absolutely nothing wrong with that plan but for some, it doesn’t fit.

So let’s try this. If you feel the need to search Google for answers, try searching things in relation to you. That’s right, you! Search out things you like to do, are there careers based around your hobbies? What are things that you’ve always dreamed of doing? Define those searches and take charge of your decisions. You ARE your future and you ARE your happiness. OWN THEM!!


When I began this website, it was the intent of helping people by providing information about online business and marketing and particularly Wealthy Affiliate. Although that is still very much my intent, I seem to be finding reasons to reach out in other areas. I’m not going to question that. I’ll just go with the flow because that is what makes me happy 😉 I must confess I’ve learned a whole lot in the last few years. Not the least of which are

  • don’t be afraid to take risks, calculated risks, but risks just the same
  • don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd – not everyone has to approve of you or what you do
  • love yourself – stop putting everyone and everything else first – you come first

Once I started applying these things in my life, the stress began to melt away and the happiness returned. Because I was making the choices many things have changed. Not the least of which, I see my direction and found myself here, amongst the world of the internet. You see it is with Wealthy Affiliate that I am securing my future happiness.

If the idea of making money online has ever crossed your mind, I encourage you to view my other articles and particularly my Review of Wealthy Affiliate.  There are so many questionable formats out there these days but I have hit gold with this one. Wealthy Affilaite is a one stop shopping when it comes to training, hosting, searching, support, you name it. They provide it all and for a very reasonable price.  There is also a very helpful group of people, we call “the community” made up of the thousands of members. We are all here to help others make their way along the same path.

I hope you’ll join us!




2 Replies to “My Future – What Inquiring Minds Want to Know”

  1. I work in the healthcare industry. Mental Health is an area that needs a lot of help. Many people are suffering from mental health disorders yet there are not too many mental health professionals out there. And if there are any, not all of them are good. I am happy that you have overcome your depression and that you have seemed to have re-focused your energy on personal productivity – Wealthy Affiliate. It’s sad to know that many people are searching for happiness and yet are looking for it in the wrong place – Google. These people can use Google to find reviews on your recommended Wealthy Affiliate to see that you have made a good choice. 🙂

    1. Thank you Louie. I couldn’t agree more. It was actually a physician assistant ex army guy that helped me head back the right way 🙂 Wealthy Affiliate has been a big part. I only hope I can help others recognize it’s worth.

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