My Shopify Review – Does a Shopify Store Really Earn You Money?

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As E-Commerce continues to grow year over year, so does the Shopify brand.

Shopify is a platform designed to build an online store. They provide a variety of store themes within their website builder, hosting, and the ability to accept payments.There are a number of pricing packages to suit your business needs.

The History of Shopify

Shopify was designed in 2004 by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake. They original idea was an e-commerce platform for snowboarding equipment. They then decided that there needed to be improvement in the e-commerce industry and Lütke, being a computer programmer, invented Shopify.

Shopify Today

They are now very prominent in the US with 35% of their sales. The balance of the sales by country are hovering at the 5% mark or less. Their averaged visits in the last six months is recorded as 46 million.

37% of their total traffic is through search engines while another 37% is direct traffic.

What Shopify Has to Offer

Shopify is fully integrated, and has over 100 pre-built online shops which are customizable to suit your needs. Setting up your store is fairly easy with a step by step process. This is great if you’re a newbie!

They also offer hosting for your online store which is a great benefit. Hosting a site can cost upwards of $200 per year.

Shopify can also be used in your physical store as an offline solution so that it can be integrated with an existing business.

Their platform allows for growth. Regardless of the number of products you choose to sell, your sales volume, or your number of customers, Shopify can accomodate.


Price – How much does Shopify cost?

The first thing to point out is that Shopify does offer a 14-day Free Trial. This allows you to sign up with an unlock to all the features so that you can investigate for yourself. The trial account can be cancelled at any time.

Here is the pricing schedule from their website….


The website also has a breakdown of what is included with each plan to give you an idea of which is best suited for you.

There is also a Shopify Lite plan that allows you to sell on Facebook, and an Enterprise plan geared toward bigger industry.

How does Shopify Work?

When you first sign up for Shopify you will provide all the standard information about yourself.

Then they will begin to ask you questions to determine what type of store it is you are looking to open and what is best suited for you in terms of store layout.

You will then be provided a screen where you begin to add products


This screen will allow you to set all the parameters for your product, What it is, how many you have, the cost etc.

You are then free to view your store, choose a different theme, view how it will appear and so on. You can also proceed to set up how you will accept payments.

This is a very user friendly platform and it is not difficult at all to find your way around.

What kind of Support does Shopify Offer?



From the main menu on the home page, you have the above options under resources for support.

There is also a Help Center option on this menu if you can’t find what you’re looking for under Resources.


Pros & Cons


  • starting out with a working store and not having to build one from scratch
  • hosting and everything you need already included
  • different options for accepting payments
  • the ability to grow with your business, allowing you to start small
  • reasonably priced



  • the only real downfall I can see, is if one has the need to make changes to your theme beyond the basic. This would mean getting into the actual coding of the page and more than likely require someone with the knowledge to do so.

My Take on Shopify

The brand has become known and trusted which is a great start for you as someone looking to get started. The background is accessible, the owners are clearly stated, there is a valid platform with everything you need to open a store. The monthly fees are reasonable and should be negligable to your sales.

There are very few online marketing tools that I can actually say I am a fan of but Shopify has made the list. It is a truely legitimate platform with no hidden agenda.

I would rank Shopify a 9 out of 10.


2 Replies to “My Shopify Review – Does a Shopify Store Really Earn You Money?”

  1. Hmm, I don’t really have anything I think I could sell on Shopify as a product. I would like to maybe dump some old clothes or items that are collecting dust someday. Would I be able to have a custom domain name to kind of show that my shop is an online garage sale? Do you know if Shopify takes a percentage of sales from your site?


    1. Hi Scott, you could in fact have a second hand shop on Shopify. In their eyes, it’s up to the buyer to review what they are purchasing.

      The transaction fees charges by Shopify are in relation to processing payments. Even those are waived if you utilize the Shopify Payments. To the best of my knowledge, there is no percentage of sales kept by them.

      Thanks for stopping in and leaving me a line. Hope the article was helpful.


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