SiteContent – How to Write Content for your Website

How Important is Your Content?

Content is EVERYTHING!! Content is what brings people to your website. Writing content that is unique, helpful, honest, and searched for, is what will get your site ranked and traffic coming to it.

Learning how to engage people with your content will keep them on your page and reading every post. I’m sure you’ve landed on a website and after reading a couple of paragraphs have returned to google to find something better. We want to avoid that at all costs! (please don’t go )
We’ve already talked about writing the actual content and using keywords and Jaaxy  Both are extremely important when writing content. But there are other tools within Wealthy Affiliate that can be used as well.



SiteContent is part of the SiteRubix Platform within Wealthy Affiliate. It provides several options for writing content with ease.


Every page, post, blog, article you write is saved within SiteContent. You can create templates for writing content using the same format. For example, Product Reviews can be saved as a template therefore using the same structure for every post.

SiteContent allows you to create headings, insert links, spellcheck, it even counts your words as you are writing. It automatically saves your work as you go so you never have to worry about losing what you’ve worked so hard on!

The newest feature of SiteContent is the Image Gallery. There are over 1,000,000 images that are free to use within your content. This is an incredible addition as it saves a huge amount of time searching out relative images for your page/post.

Simply search a word relative to the photo you require and you will get many images to choose from. Select your image and download it to your page. It’s that easy! Every image within the gallery is already correctly sized for best website performance. Using images is great but they can slow down your site speed if not inserted properly.

Once you have written your content, you can publish it directly to your website. When you click on the PUBLISH icon, you can select which website to publish to, if you have more than one, and choose a user name to associate with the post. Select Publish again and you will receive a message that your post is being scanned for unique content. This is done because Google will look for repetitive content. If the content within each post is repeating the same thing, you will not get ranked. Once the content has been approved, you have the option to view the post, edit the post within WordPress, or write more content. Easy Peasy!!

About More than Just Content

Even though I’ve already given you so many great features about SiteContent, there’s still more!

The whole time you’re writing your heart out, adding images, publishing like a crazy person to get traffic, SiteContent is tracking how many words you’ve written and how many of your posts have been ranked in Google. You can view results on a daily, weekly, monthly or lifetime basis.


You can even set goals for yourself as to the amount of articles and words you want to produce and in what time frame. Setting goals for ourselves when writing content is a great way of challenging ourselves to improve.

And Wealthy Affiliate is all about helping us improve!


The SiteRubix Platform

SiteContent is just a portion of the whole SiteRubix Platform within Wealthy Affiliate.

SiteRubix itself is a hosting platform. As you can see from the schematic above, it offers a function to build your website as well as manage it, purchase domains, and a SiteComment and SiteFeedback segment for members to assist each other.

Your Wealthy Affiliate membership includes website hosting. You are able to purchase a SiteRubix site or search out a .com, .org, etc.



This portion allows you to choose a WordPress theme for your website. With access to thousands of different themes, you are guaranteed to find one the suits your brand. Once inside your WordPress theme, it’s pretty easy to work your magic and customize things to the way you want them to look.

If you have a previously existing website, you can also transfer to the SiteRubix platform.



Regardless of how many website domains you have, they can all be managed here. You can also access here your SiteEmail(for .coms) and Site Support if you are having any issues.

The Manager function tracks pretty much everything going on with your website. It manages site health and whether your site has been indexed. It keeps track of your posts and have many have been published, if you have any comments on your posts, when your site was last updated and backed up.

The Health of your site is based on several things.

  • Publishing Frequncy
  • Content Quality & Variety
  • Visitor Engagement
  • Your Engagement
  • Plugins
  • site Trust
  • Google Ranked
  • Website Feedback

All of these things play a part in your overall site health. This area makes it very clear where you have work to do!

Optimum publishing frequency is 2-3 times per week. Google sees this as average as opposed to someone posting 3 times per day trying to attract attention.

Content Quality & Variety we have discussed above.

Engagement by your visitors and yourself is key to ranking. Encouraging people to leave comments and questions and then responding as well as asking questions in return, keeps your site active with engagement.

Plugins to achieve a certain look or add a social menu are great but they can slow down your site. Rule of thumb is no more than 5 plugins to keep your site healthy.

Site Trust comes when you have people engaging and asking questions or returning to site. Maybe you even have a Subscribers list that people are joining. This shows that people are interested and trust what you have to say.

Google Ranked simply identifies when your page has been ranked.

Website Feedback is a way of requesting feedback from others in the WA community that will assist you in tweaking your site.


All of these features are just part of the bigger picture at Wealthy Affiliate and why it makes so much sense to do your learning here. It is most definitely a one stop shop! Not only is there so much available here but Wealthy Affiliate makes it so easy for anyone to become an expert!

If you’re ready to become an expert in your niche, we’d love to have you as part of our community!

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  1. Your website name is very catchy, I chuckled when I read it. You captured me with site content post, I needed to read on. I actually went through your website reading the all the posts and reviews. A couple of times I chuckled with some the terminology you used. Which kept me reading. I did come across a few misspelled words and a couple of sentences with 3 to 4 spaces between words. Overall I like your website, you make the reading fun.

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