Suggestions on How to Avoid Online Scams

Are you looking for online business opportunities and finding a lot of “making money” online scams?

Let’s look at some statistics and how you can avoid being a victim of an online scam.

Some Scary Numbers

In 2016, Canadians reported 20,000 complaints of online scams and $40 million in losses due to those scams. It was also estimated that only about 5% of the losses were actually reported.

In 2017, the Better Business Bureau in Canada reported online purchase scams as the #1 reported scam with losses totally $13 million. Australia for the same year reported 161,528 reported cases with losses of $90 million. $30 million in investment scams, $20 million in dating scams and $5 million in business and employment scams, the balance in various other forms of online scams.

The FBI reports that, for the period of 2000 – 2016, there are a whopping 3.7 million complaints in internet crime of all kinds.

Now some of these numbers seem a little conflicting as it all depends on the types of scams that are being considered by each body. What I wanted to make clear, was the numbers and dollar values in general. These scams are happening a lot and people are being taken advantage of every day for a whole lot of dough!

Identifying the Scam

The above statistics are of course referring to all forms of online scams. The scams that I focus on in this site are related to online business. Believe me, there are plenty of them! Feel free to hop over to my review pages for more detail.

There was a time, before I started in this business, that I may not have been so quick to see the scams myself. There are two things I know for sure….if you are investigating creating an online business or making an income online…

  • You are looking for change in your life
  • you are likely in some form of financial situation that is causing you stress

These are usually two guaranteed things that make us start looking outside the box, outside of our comfort zone for something different.

There is also an old saying that still holds true….



These scam advertisers appeal to the stress or the need to change. Just some phrases I’ve seen include

  • I am just like you, and I’m now earning $X
  • Let me show you how to earn up to $10,000 in one month
  • No products, no traffic, no lists

I can tell you firsthand that there is no quick (legal) way to build an online business. Like anything else we do in life, if you want the results, you have to put in the work! These people that are trying to make it sound like overnight success are playing you!

Are you a target?

The following was released by the FBI for the year 2016. Once again it refers to all types of online scams but it does tell a story.


In fact, this kind of supports the two things I mentioned about looking for change and being in a financial situation. When we reach our 35-50 years, chances are we’ve been in the same type of profession for quite some time. We tire of the same old thing and not really getting ahead doing it. Once we hit our 60s and nearing retirement, we’re wondering how we’re possibly going to make that happen. We also are not as likely to be in tune to the newest things going on in online world.

Finding the Real Deal

If you are serious about building an online business in any niche, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Take the time to investigate. Make a list of the things you think you will need to accomplish and research the ways you can make it happen. There are all kinds of tools out there, some free some not, that can help you find what you’re looking for depending on the direction you are trying to go.

For most of us, even some with business experience, the online world is a whole different beast. You’ll have to have a website so that’s a good place to start. But then there’s hosting of the website and actually creating it. And once you have your website, who’s going to look at? How do you get people to see it? I, for one, can tell you it’s for more complex than I ever imagined!

Now don’t let that scare you, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. We just have to choose the right methods of doing it. Learn first, learn as you go. Work at it! It took some time, but I finally found something that works for me.


I suppose there will always be scams. The only thing we can do is educate ourselves. By learning what to steer away from, we also learn what to steer towards.

Not everyone out there is trying to take advantage. We just have to be able to see through the flashing banners and glitter as to what is really being offered and the value of it.

My biggest rule of thumb….it should never cost you anything to investigate!

If a site is offering to help or educate you in some way, they should be willing to tell you what it is they are truly offering without asking you to pay something first. If you don’t know what you’re getting – don’t pay for it! Making all kinds of promises about what they can show you does not tell you what you’re getting. Some will promise to show you exactly what they do. Once you’ve paid your “fee”, you find out that you get a list of things they do to succeed. Well that list may in fact be valid but if you don’t know how to do the things on the list, you’ve gotten nowhere. That’s usually where the up sells come in. Now they offer to explain it all for another fee!

Regardless of what kind of online shopping you are doing, there is only one way to avoid the scams!…






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  1. I work online the last few years and have seen many scams. I am an affiliate marketer so most of the scams were relevant to my work.

    There are many types and techniques but I have found a way to avoid them.

    When you see an offer but there are not many details about the offer or the program, I just stay away.

    For example, they promise thousands of dollars on making money products but they avoid to mention how to get that.

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