My Super Affiliate Mentor – Honest Review

Name:      My Super Affiliate Mentor


Price:       $37/mth +++++



Well, where should I begin on this one? Maybe by saying I will try to do my best to make this an unbiased review!

Upon first viewing the website one might think they have actually stumbled onto a good thing. STOP RIGHT THERE! Oh wait, I said this was going to be unbiased! Ok so it looks pretty real. The premise of this program is that you can make thousands of dollars in as little as a couple weeks by only working 15-20 minutes a day. “All the hard work is done for you” they claim. All you have to do is direct traffic. They send the emails, they close the deal. But on what? They don’t tell you. Their video is about 20 minutes long and through the whole thing you watch a counter at the bottom that says “when the counter reaches 0, click for your mentor”. Wow. Ok moving on. So if you watch it to the end, including the video testimonials of course, and actually do click to purchase, you don’t get to purchase. You get to sign up.

So there you have it! Not a mentoring program, just a direct link to The Super Affiliate Network.

How Does the Super Affiliate Network Work?

So now that we really know what this is about, how does it work? For a monthly fee of $37 you will gain acess to the basic level. Not so bad. As you progress levels you will earn more income. Ok. And OOPS there it is! The highest level you can reach will ONLY COST $1,997 per year. The best part is that at this level, all you can sell is the same program you just bought into. You make commission on the people you sign up.

So Where is the BIG Money?

There are higher level programs. Many of them. Their Diamond level program is a mere $9,000. Yes $9,000. Dollars.

But wait (I know you won’t believe this), there’s a catch! You cannot just sell the programs, YOU must buy them first yourself. (This is getting really tough). Oh and guess what else? No skipping levels my friends!!!!

Ok let’s wrap this up…..

Pros & Cons




  • huge upsells
  • scam tactics
  • false claims
  • misleading

Price    $37 – $9000

My Take on My Super Affiliate Mentor

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m NOT a fan!

In doing these reviews I can usually find the good with the bad, something offered, something lost. In this case, I really have not found anything good about this so called program.

They use hard sell tactics to sell you something you do not even get. They show fake testimonials with fake people. (Yes there are apps for that). They talk about big money to be made and the only ones making it are them. They even have a disclaimer that states the income numbers they use are only “estimates” of what “they think” you could make. Translated – they take no responsible for how much money they scam you out of.

Trust me folks, there are no programs out there that are going to having you making thousands of dollars in a few weeks!

There are ways of earning an income online that are legit. They take time, and they take effort. If that is what interests you? You have so much to learn by following the link below……FOR FREE!

But please, do not fall for these false promises you hear!!

To learn more about this program first, click here for my review.

4 Replies to “My Super Affiliate Mentor – Honest Review”

  1. I have never heard of this program in particular but know a lot of programs like that. Upsell to $10K – 20K, and huge commission. Where the commission come from? Those new people who have no idea what they get into. It is kind like a Ponzi Scheme, just passing bucks one person to another. Yuck!
    Thank you for a warning. I will never even look at it, and in fact will turn away when I see them!

  2. Wish I had read this review before I coughed up the $1997 I really joined to help someone I knew who was promoting it Bg mistake I think unless they make some changes soon
    I am sure you will help some others before they jump i like I did Thanks for this very enlightening review

    1. Hi Hilary. Thanks for stopping by. I wish you had read it sooner as well!

      I hope I can prevent it from happening to someone else. It’s too bad that they can’t just sell the knowledge they have at a reasonable price.

      That’s why I chose Wealthy Affiliate! You get way more than your money’s worth!


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