The New Wealthy Affiliate – Is it Better?

It’s finally here! The new Wealthy Affiliate Interface has been launched!

It has been a year in the making by Kyle, Carson, and their team. The new interface promises to be an easier flow with a more “windows” like feel as opposed to the Beta version.

While still offering all the same great features, like the training, support, live chat, website building and hosting, it now also offers more ease of use.

Let’s have a look at what’s been going on behind the scene for the last year!

Profile Page                                                                       

This is your everything about you page. Here you can update your account settings, change your profile image, your goals etc.

It also provides you access to your personal blog site and credit dashboard. There is a complete system tour and as well as the low down on what’s included with the premium membership.

Your Dashboard

This is where you have access to everything that is currently happening at Wealthy Affiliate.

You will receive notifications of members blogs, be notified of new members and be able to greet them, and join in the live chat, ask questions, answer questions, or just say “hey!”


This is the largest segment of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. It has the Certification Courses for new members, the Affiliate Bootcamp training, and the Training Headquarters.

I am a huge fan of the training headquarters! It gives you the ability to search any training. You can type in a search using your own words or select from topics. You are able to filter the results by classroom answers or live event answers or by new or popular ratings.

This to me is the most greatly improved feature of this new release. The information was always there, just a little harder to find. Now if you are stuck on something, just search and almost guaranteed you’ll find your answer. It’s a great time saving feature of the platform when you’re looking to understand something new or that you are having trouble with.


As a premium member, you are allotted 25 .com websites and 25 Siterubix websites which are fully hosted and maintained within the platform.

This is where you can keep track of your different sites and access your back office to make any changes or updates. You build your websites through WordPress and have thousands of theme choices. This is still all within the Wealthy Affilaite Platform.

Within this area, you can purchase a domain, build your site, write content, request and give feedback and comments and review your over site health.

Live Events

There are weekly live events scheduled to provide further training on specific topics or new ways to do things.

This section not only allows you to see what is coming up, but also allows you to find previous events. These events are usually about an hour long and you can register to take part. After completion, they are uploaded and can be viewed at any time.


This is the area where you find Jaaxy Research and Keyword Tool.

Jaaxy was integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate platform recently as part of the upgrades to make Wealthy Affiliate a one stop affiliate marketing interface.

This is a great tool which I have reviewed already. You can find that information here.

Live Chat

The Live Chat segment is accessible in more than one place. The reason for this is that it is such a great feature and a huge part of the Wealthy Affiliate philosophy.

Once you become a member, you will quickly learn that this group is all about helping others. We’re not just here for our own purposes and to make profits. It’s about helping fellow members succeed as well.

The Live Chat enables you to ask and answer questions as I stated above. There is always someone present within this forum who can more than likely set you in the right direction if you’re having difficulties.

Help Center

Never fear! If the training search and the live help don’t get you the answers you need, you still have the Help Center.

Once again you can access Live Chat, but also you can Ask a Question, contact Site Support, or Private Message another member for help.

This is my second favourite thing about Wealthy Affiliate. You are never left feeling like you don’t know where to turn for help. The support here is endless and a huge part of why it is easy to succeed!


So is the New Wealthy Affiliate Better? Absolutely!!

These guys never stop trying to improve and make it a better place to learn and work.

Here’s a quote from Carson when the new interface was released…..

“Our goal has, and always will be, to get better. With each day that
passes we are continually working to build Wealthy Affiliate into the
best platform it can be. One where all internet entrepreneurs can
hang out, live, operate businesses with maximum efficiency, and get
all the education/tools/support they need to create their own
respective success stories online.

With each day that passes, we are making this more viable for a larger
group of people. We are also making it much more efficient to do so.

As a result, people are happier with the service, they stick around
longer, and they more easily reap the many benefits of the platform.

Our update today is a direct reflection of our ethos here at WA. We care
about you and your journey moving forward. This is only going to
continue to be apparent and our new experience & design is
setting us up for many exciting years ahead.

New platforms coming. Many, MANY new innovations coming. System upgrades
and improvements coming that have been developed for the new WA that
we’ve released today.

Expect brilliance from us, we cannot wait to deliver.”


And deliver they do! If you haven’t checked out Wealthy Affiliate before, or you’d like to see the new Wealthy Affiliate, click on the link below and have a look around! As always, it is free to check it out and get started.

I guarantee you will not find another program like this……..



4 Replies to “The New Wealthy Affiliate – Is it Better?”

  1. Hello Christine.

    I just finished reading your Wealthy Affiliate Review and i must say you really did a good job. I myself become member by reading other helpful reviews like yours.

    Being a WA member for more than a month i really find it amazing how great our community is and how we help each other with each task.


    1. Hi Strahinja,

      Thanks for your comments. The longer you are with Wealthy Affiliate, the more you will realize the truth to this. It’s easy to recognize as a starter member that there is a lot to offer. As a Premium Member, it is an amazing thing to become a part of! 

      Best to you!


  2. Thank you for this wonderful information.
    I have been searching work from home opportunities and I believe I just found it,

    This platform looks so much easier than any I have seen yet.
    I love how everything is right there. No going to search for your next step.

    And you get 25 free websites. That is AmAZING.
    I am ready to give it a try.

    1. Hi Lee Ann,

      It is truly amazing! Anyone who is serious about starting an online business is going to succeed with the help of Wealthy Affiliate!

      Wishing you much success!!


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