What Is Affiliation?

Affiliation Explained

The dictionary explanation of affiliation is …

association with, connection with/to, alliance with/to, alignment with, link with/to, attachment to, tie with/to, relationship with/to, fellowship with, partnership with, coalition with, union with;

Affiliation therefore, for our purposes, is affiliation with the internet. Are you familiar with the term “Affiliate Marketing”? If not, you are about to learn!

Now at this point in my journey, I was thinking that I know very little about the internet and even less about marketing! How on earth am I going to obtain financial freedom from this?

I continued to search and read up on different affiliations and how they can benefit you and actually earn you money. There are millions of affiliate programs out there (we’ll get into that more later).  One thing I do know, and am leery of in my search, is all the scams out there! There is no money to be wasted here if I am going to dive into this whole internet marketing!

Now this has been a really quick rundown on my experience. I actually spent a lot of my spare time researching all this. I began to learn a little more each time about this marketing and how it works. Then one day, I came across a post talking about an affiliate program that sounded pretty good. It offered to get me started for free! At this point I’m thinking “ya right, that’s got to be a scam”.  I decided to proceed with caution, watch for that “click here” where they actually ask for your money.

But guess what? It didn’t ask for money! I could sign up and gain a wealth of knowledge about affiliate marketing without paying a dime!

That was some time ago and is what has brought me here! I believe so much in this form of marketing and this program that I want to share it with anyone who is struggling just like I was!

The following is the link to the program I have been referring to. For those of you ready to explore a little further, welcome. You won’t look back! Now if you read my welcome page, you will remember that this is not an easy peasy, get rich quick answer. This requires dedication and hard work but in the end, you will find success!!

If you would still like more information, please see my post  “How can I make money online?“. Thanks for reading this far and much success!!

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