What is Success? – Have you ever asked?

Today I’m going a little outside the box. I’m one of those that isn’t uncomfortable doing that. In fact, I love it. I love change and trying something new. But I digress.

I started searching keywords like I always do for another article.

I do so using Jaaxy in case you haven’t read that article 😉

Now usually when searching out keywords, one is not looking for the highest numbers. This time, I entered a word and was astounded by the high numbers. The word?

I was blown away by the number of people trying to find SUCCESS! A whopping 68,922 per month search “Success”. I know, there are billions of people in the world searching the internet and that being considered, 68,000 isn’t that large. But to me it reaches out. To me, it says lots of people are going through life looking for more! Lots of people are feeling like they are not successful.

Well now my curiosity was piqued. I started looking at what kind of success people were looking for. Here are the highest searches I found…..

  • successful
  • how can I be successful
  • definition of success
  • what is success
  • famous success quotes
  • success in business
  • success in life

What started out as a search in reference to success online, turned into an eye-opening moment. I immediately started putting together this article under my “On the Side” category.

So What is Success?

Huge question. HUGE!! Let’s start with the dictionary meaning shall we?

As you can see, even the dictionary doesn’t have one set meaning.

I think success is one of those things that is up to interpretation of a situation and who is doing the interpreting. For me, success is a general term. It’s about how I feel. If I can look at my current life situation and “feel” successful then I must have attained success. Sure I can break it down into individual moments or tasks but why? Life is full of successes and non-successes. But it’s where we are at a point in time. It’s reaching goals that we’ve set for ourselves.

Let me give you an example. I own a pizzeria. I purchased a building to set it up that also had a small apartment downstairs. I thought “Perfect! One less set of bills. I can live right there.” So I moved from a house on 6 acres to a tiny little apartment. The walls are all white. The carpet is commercial grade. There is a tiny little shower one can barely turn around in. It has no heat other than my little electric plug in.

Some people may think I’m living in terrible conditions. But I feel successful! I own a pizzeria that does pretty darn good and I love what I do. I live in a small picturesque town where people are “real”. I am successful! Do I have everything I want? NO. But I am successful.

How do I Become Successful?

The only person who can answer that question in you. That’s right YOU!

Only you can decide what type of success you are looking for and how to get there. Let’s call it “Success on Your Terms”. Because that is what matters. If you don’t feel successful, then others’ opinion of your success is irrelevant. So how do you get there?

  • set reasonable goals
  • research the goals and the best way to obtain them
  • take action

Success in an Online Business

This is where I am taking action. I have set myself a goal of where I would like to be financially. I have researched many ways to do it and I am taking action.

That’s where the rest of my website comes in. I have done the research and now I’m here to help you. I have already found the best way, the best platform. I have gone outside my box and learned a whole new way of doing business. I am now an Affiliate Marketer.

When I first started researching, there seemed to be a lot of bad karma around affiliate marketing. The more I searched I realized that was because of the many scams out there and the claims they make to make you money. And that’s exactly what they are….scams. Fairly easy to recognize actually. Earning thousands of dollars in a few weeks or months from the get go? Not possible. Earning thousands of dollars a month after you have taken the time to build your business> Absolutely Possible!


This article was kind of two for one. Therefore, I have two conclusions.

Success if what you define it as. Think about that and take the action to realize your definition.

Success online is something I can show you how to get. My path to get there is through Wealthy Affiliate. If having a successful (there it is again) business online is your goal then I suggest you follow the links and get a full explanation of how it works. If you don’t believe that having your own business in the online world can make you successful, then do not press that button!



Whatever you do in life, make it your own success, make it you!

Feel free to comment below, let’s chat!





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  1. Hello. A very interesting article. Success is something else for everyone. For me it will be a success when I start to earn money online and I will be my own boss. Of course, after achieving this success I will have to set new goals and strive to achieve them. I wish you all success and luck.

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