What’s that you Say? Financial Freedom?

I don’t know about you guys but the phrase financial freedom has not been a part of my vocabulary in the past. Such a strange and novel idea!

So I start thinking. What exactly is Financial Freedom? Certainly it’s not a dollar value as we all have different levels of debt. Perhaps the key here is “the freedom”. Freedom from that debt whatever the amount. Freedom from the stresses of day to day living when we can’t make ends meet. Freedom to say “yes we can take that family vacation”.

I know that would make me happy to have those freedoms.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m an advocate of money can’t buy happiness. But there it is! I solved it! It’s not the “financial” it’s the “freedom”. The financial is the means to the freedom and the freedom makes us happy. Any way other than money of accomplishing the freedom would have the same result.

But I digress. Our purpose here is to find some form of financial freedom. That may be just enough money to pay off some bills every month or it may be a full time income or more.

Whatever it is for you, we’re on the right path here at WA!

Wishing you the Freedom


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