Yoonla 2018 Review – Has it Changed?


New Zealand owner, Reno Van Boven, has been involved in online marketing since 2006. In as much as Yoonla has been in existence for several years, 2018 has brought some changes.

Effective February 21, 2018, Reno closed the doors on Yoonla and brought out phase 2, Yoonla Evolve.


Now any time that I do a review, I search existing reviews. I get a feel for what others have thought of the specific program. Then I jump in to the actual site and see what I can find out for myself. This time was quite interesting. This new Phase 2 is totally different than what I expected based on reviews of Phase 1.  

So let’s check it out…..

The Basics

Yoonla Evolve is still based around digital online marketing. The affiliate marketer is selling digital marketing material through email lists by using GetResponse autoresponder. The emails are already designed and simply set up a campaign to send the emails and track your responses.

The Setup

The original Yoonla allowed you to sign up as a free member and earn small commission through the Yoonla CPA Program. Although there were higher memberships, there was no forced issue to sign up them. 

When I created my account, I was required to give my name and email address. 



So far I’m ok with that. So I enter my info and click the button. Moving on to Step 1.


I clicked on “Download the App” and it appeared as a zip file on the bottom of my screen. So now we have to extract this app. That’s fine, I do the extration and then it asks me what program I would like to use to open the app??   ?????

I don’t know! 

I decided to see if I could carry on. It let me proceed to step 2 which opened up pricing options. 

Well I’m thinking this is as far as I go. I have to wonder though, at $15 per month and you can only send 1000 emails, will you cover your costs?

Then at the bottom I see “free 30-day trial”.  So of course I carry on to see what more I can find.

The free trial option then takes you to a free trial of GetResponse. 

All right, lets create the account. I fill in the required information and it tells me I have been sent an email confirmation to activate the account. 

When I go the email and activate, it takes me back to another screen to “complete” the account setup. Here, it wants my full address, and phone number. Against my gut instinct, I fill it in. There has now been a verification code sent to my phone which I will have to insert in order to verify. Done!

I finally get inside and we’re now taking a tour. There is a video explaining how to set up a email campaign. As I watch the video, I pause it, and go to another screen to do as instructed. 


This entire time, I’m wondering about the app I had to download as it doesn’t yet seem to play a part in anything I’m doing.

I finish the video and move on to Step 3.  


Unfortunately, this is difficult to read. It says “Account limited. We need to perform an extra security check and confirm your identity. Sending emails and exporting contacts are temporarily blocked. Help us get things back to normal and very your identity.”

Seriously? Again? Or is this just a way to block your free trial? Once again I click on verify and it actually asks me to scan my passport, drivers license etc and send it!

This is where I’m done! 


The Uninstall

For obvious reasons, I now make sure that anything related to Yoonla Evolve and/or GetResponse is completely uninstalled from my computer! 



How completely disappointing!! And completely contrary to everything I had read about Yoonla. This is the NEW Yoonla Evolve though. Could it be that there are issues? One would hope they wouldn’t launch a new platform without much testing. 

At this point in time I would have to give a zero out of 10 rating. I will however, consider returning to this at a later date and see if I have better luck! If you have had any experience with this yourself, please let me know in the comments below.

In the meantime, I’ll stick with what I know works……




6 Replies to “Yoonla 2018 Review – Has it Changed?”

  1. If opening a free account is really difficult, then they really want you to pay. And I never trust programs which ask for phone numbers since I have quite bad experiences before.
    I also joined a program which teaches e-mail marketing but there are a lot of upsells so after a trial period, I closed my account. I just don’t think that collecting e-mail is waste of time without an established site.

    1. I agree. If your site is not established and receiving traffic, an email list is redundant. 

      All things come in time with steady dedicated work.


  2. Christine,
    Nice review, I agree that anytime a ‘Free” program asks for passport or photo identification, it’s never a good sign. Do you remember if it way Yoonla or Get Response that asked for the ID? Because I have heard of Get Response and they seem to be a legitimate marketing company. I also know that most email marketing companies have support and courses for their members, so what would be the point in a service like Yoonla?

    1. Hi David, 

      It was Yoonla requesting the info. Major Red Flag!!!

      I too have heard good things about Get Response.  I would love to hear any thoughts otherwise as far as Yoonla.  


  3. This sounds like too much work for a free trial. Thanks for writing up your experience because I don’t think I want to bother with their free trial now.
    I have to agree with you, setting up email marketing when your website barely has any traffic is somewhat useless, unless you already have a list of thousands of business contacts who won’t mind you spamming them.

    1. Thanks Melinda! Exactly how I felt about the new Yoonla Evolve!  I believe there are better options out there, like my tried and true Wealthy Affiliate!



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